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RCMP Musical Ride (2016)

A Spectacle Known around the World

The 2016 Manitoba Threshermen’s Reunion & Stampede kicked off on Wednesday, July 27, at 7:00pm with a special guest appearance by the world-renowned RCMP Musical Ride. We celebrated one of Canada’s most enduring performances, which featured highly trained horses, skilled riders, and stunning choreography.

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Harvesting Hope (2016)

Field of Teams

On July 31 at 4:00pm, more than 600 volunteers worked in teams to operate 125 vintage threshing machines in an effort to set a new World Record for “most threshing machines operating simultaneously.”

The machines ran for 20 minutes and were driven by antique engines built as early as 1890.

The massive effort required over four football field of space. Proceeds from this special event supported the important efforts of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank to fight hunger in the developing world.

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Celebrating 50 years of Versatile Tractors (2016)

The Versatile 1080 tractor, otherwise known as “Big Roy,” underwent a major restoration in early 2016 and was back on display for the 2016 Manitoba Threshermen’s Reunion & Stampede. The restoration of Big Roy was part of Versatile’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2016. Versatile is Canada’s only manufacturer of agricultural tractors.

Originally built in 1977, Big Roy is an iconic piece of farm equipment – 30 feet long, 11 feet high, and weighing over 30 tons. Six hundred horsepower of farming muscle. The restoration included mechanical repairs, new components, a new cab interior, fresh paint, and new decals. Big Roy will be on display at the MTRS along with some new pieces of equipment from Versatile.

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